Women who give birth and breast-feed stop smoking after 14 months

OMU Faculty of Medicine Department of General Practice Lecturer Prof. Dr. Bektaş Murat Yalçın and his team conducted a study entitled ‘Research based on measuring women’s smoking habits in Pelitköy Family Health Center and OMU Family Health Center’. A study of pregnant women who smoked included 220 women. Evaluating the results of the study, Prof. Dr. Yalçın said that about 25 percent of women found that they smoked or were exposed to cigarette smoke during or before pregnancy.


prof. Dr. Yalçın said: “We think that the number of people who smoke actively in our society is about 18-19 million. About half of them buy cigarettes every day. Some consume less, but some consume 15-20 branches daily. One of the situations that concern us, one of them is the rising smoking rate among women.While the smoking rate among women has been around 5 percent and 10 percent in the past, over the last 10 years this rate has started to rise to 16 percent to 25 percent. one of the most painful consequences of this situation is that women smoke during their pregnancy or are exposed to cigarette smoke during this period.There are not many studies on this topic in Turkey.A local study we conducted covered all gestational periods of about 220 women. About 20 to 25 percent of the women here “We found out that they smoked or were exposed to smoke from someone else’s cigarette. Another important thing is that most of these women stopped smoking after they found out they were pregnant, but unfortunately these women start smoking again 14 months after giving birth.” said.


Stating that women who voluntarily quit smoking during pregnancy should be followed and supported to quit smoking after childbirth, Prof. Dr. Yalçın said: “If these women are seen during their postpartum lactation period, if their smoking status in doubt is cast and if their non smoking periods can be maintained then a lot of work will have been done regarding cigarette addiction in turkey there is a misunderstanding here he thinks he is at the heart of the problem but he is not if you smoke, the smoke spreads everywhere.For example, you smoked on the balcony.Unfortunately, that smoke enters the house and somehow gets into the child.Even if you smoke in another place, it gets on your clothes The smells and chemicals here It reaches your child That is why it is very important to prevent children from smoking during their developmental period In Turkey, there are cases of willingness to quit smoking during pregnancy. What needs to be done is to continue this situation. Our study of 220 women shows that the interval is 14 months. Incidentatlly. If action is taken, these women’s smoke-free status will be preserved and they will have a chance to continue their lives by giving up smoking.

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