‘Women who tire quickly may be at risk’

Women who tire easily, are anemic, and have abnormal menstrual cycles may be experiencing uterine wall thickening disease. Experts state that the disease known as endometrial hyperplasia, popularly known as thickening of the uterine wall, can turn into cancer if left untreated.

For women with a menstrual cycle less than 21 days or recurrent irregular periods, this could be a sign of cancer. This disease, which is one of the most complex gynecological diseases, causes most women to turn into cancer because they are unaware of irregularities and abnormal conditions in the menstrual cycle. However, with early diagnosis and proper treatment, the possibility of women developing cancer disappears. Claiming that every woman’s uterine wall thickens a little during menstruation and then, if there is no pregnancy, the uterine wall thins again by returning to its former state, and the fact that the wall is still thick after menstruation , is over carries many risks, especially cancer.

prof. Dr. Selahattin Kumru reminded that it is extremely important to apply the right treatment in patients with uterine wall thickening.

“Delayed treatment can cause cancer”

Kumru states that women usually postpone the visit to the doctor in cases such as painful menstruation, menstruation that lasts longer than usual, menstruation with short intervals, and menstruation with more bleeding compared to the past. days on average. While this cycle is shorter for some women, it can be longer for others. In case of pregnancy, menstrual bleeding is not seen. If they feel any abnormal situation during this cycle, they should definitely visit a gynecologist and obstetrician. If diagnosed early, treatment can be faster. Because neglected and delayed treatments are delayed, the disease is more likely to turn into cancer. It has to be very careful,” he said.

“Fatigue and anemia”

Prof. Dr. Selahattin Kumru stated that there is a delicate balance between estrogen and progesterone hormones in the body of women and that if this balance is disturbed, it can be the cause of many diseases, especially thickening of the uterine wall, and emphasized that women have to accept the situations that are seriously different from normal in their bodies. Kumru said: “Those who have longer than expected menstrual bleeding, postmenopausal bleeding, irregular menstrual bleeding, get tired easily and have anemia should go to the doctor without wasting time.”

“Maybe in Danger”

Kumru states that thickening of the uterine wall can be seen in all women 35 years and older, especially women who are overweight, close to menopause, women with irregular periods, and all women 35 years and older. are also at risk.

“Don’t rely on herbal treatments”

Emphasizing that the main treatment for thickening of the uterine wall, as in all diseases, is done through medical means, Selahattin Kumru said that intrauterine treatment methods should not be respected, especially with herbal remedies distributed on the Internet. Kumru continued, “We often hear from our patients, I had irregular periods, I cooked this and drank it, more like it was going bad. If there is a disease somewhere, the priority should be on medical methods of treatment. Herbal treatment should only support medical treatment and should be under the advice and supervision of doctors. Otherwise it can leave permanent damage. Medical treatment is also required for thickening of the uterine wall. It is a disease revealed by the tests performed after the sample is taken from the patient. Treatment also varies depending on the patient’s age, hormonal status, and whether they want children. Taking all variables into account, we plan a personalized treatment. No one should undergo treatment with advice. This is a situation that can lead to death.”

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