Women’s Nightmare; urinary incontinence

Prof. Dr. Hasan Terzi and Gynecology and Obstetrics, Urogynaecology, Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist Assoc. Dr. 82 doctors attended the general practitioner women’s health meeting held by Ünal Turkay. The opening speech of the evening was given by Prof. Gynecology and Obstetrics, IVF and Gynecological Endoscopy Specialist. Dr. Hasan Terzi made it. When Assoc. Dr Ünal Turkay shared current developments with GPs in his presentation on “Laser Applications in Urinary Incontinence and Gynecology”.

“About half of all women will experience urinary incontinence in their lifetime”

Claiming that urinary incontinence occurs beyond the person’s control, Assoc. Dr Ünal Turkay said: “About half of all women will suffer from urinary incontinence throughout their lives. Urinary incontinence is not a natural phenomenon associated with aging. Many women put up with this situation rather than seek help, thinking that there may be no solution to urinary incontinence. There are treatment options that completely eliminate or at least reduce urinary incontinence, depending on each age group and patient characteristics.

associate Dr. Türkay also gave information about the use of laser, a new application in gynecological practice. During the meeting, information was given about urinary incontinence, vaginal stricture, wart treatment and laser use in resistant vaginitis infections.

“Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death in the world”

Educating general practitioners about cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccines, Prof. Dr. Hasan Terzi stated that cervical cancer is a major cause of death in the world and that it can be prevented one hundred percent with proper screening. Prof. Dr. Hasan Terzi emphasized the importance of HPV screening and the importance of raising awareness about the application of the HPV vaccine and its benefits for the prevention strategy. Noting that regular gynecological examinations are important for early diagnosis and complete treatment of many gynecological diseases, especially in women over 30 years of age or with an active sexual life. Dr Terzi said: “The efforts and support of GPs in educating patients on this issue is very important.”

Prof. Hasan Terzi and Assoc. Dr. After Ünal Turkay’s presentations, GPs working in Kocaeli were given the opportunity to ask the doctors their questions.

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