Xiaomi Mi Watch Smart Watch Reviews and Features

The smart watch Xiaomi Mi Watch is a device that appeals to all smartphone users, thanks to its compatibility with Android and IOS operating systems. Xiaomi Mi Watch, which attracts users with its stylish appearance and functional features, also satisfies in terms of price. The product, which offers great convenience in personalization and communication, also comes with its ideal dimensions for the user.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Features

Pedometer There is
GPS There is
sleep tracker There is
Vibrations There is
Voice call There is
Water resistant 5 ATMs
Measurement 45.9 x 53.35 x 11.8mm

Xiaomi Mi Watch 4 Smart watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smart Watch attracts attention with its stylish design and usage features. The elegant and minimalistic design of the watch has been developed to suit every lifestyle and style. Mi Watch meets all expectations with its 1.39 inch AMOLED display. It will also be a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts with its various training modes. It strives to always be with the users with its many health features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking and stress measurement.

Here, Xiaomi Mi Watch smart watch All details about;

Xiaomi Mi watch Design

The Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch has a very striking and impressive look compared to its competitors. The device, which impresses its users with its stylish appearance in addition to many of its functional features, can be used anytime and anywhere.

It brings convenience to the operation you are about to do with the control keys and the large screen on the sides. The vibrant AMOLED screen rejects all reflections for a flawless display. It has a very fast processor for easy and fast transactions.

Xiaomi Mi watch Use of

Xiaomi Mi watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch offers a unique view for everyday use. The simple and elegant design is made for use anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the water resistance of 5 ATM, you can continue to use the device in the shower, at the sea or in the swimming pool without having to take off your watch.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Smart Watch attracts attention with its elegant and minimalist design. The bezel portion of the watch is made using aluminum alloy and it was revealed as a whole with its circular design. Xiaomi Mi Watch is also something for everyone with its different color options. Besides a stylish look with its black and silver color options, it also gives you a sporty and dynamic atmosphere with its blue and beige color options.

While the side bezels of the watch close the restrictions on the top of the two functional buttons, the button below disables training mode. In addition, monitoring can be easily performed with the interface surface located 24 hours a day. The device, which offers a stylish look with its elegant and minimalistic design,It is a comfortable and convenient device with its high working screen, functional buttons and strap system.

Xiaomi Mi watch technical specifications

  • 420 mAh battery
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • 117 sports modes
  • 22 hours operating time
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • High scan screen
  • 1.39 inch AMOLED screen
  • track sleep
  • Vibrations
  • 32 grams weight
  • Vibrations
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring
  • 16 days of battery life
  • 22 days of battery life
  • 50 hours of outdoor sports use time

Xiaomi Mi Watch Dimensions

Measurement 53.35 x 45.9 x 11.8mm
Weight 32 gr
Screen 1.39 inches
Cord Adjustable

The Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch offers users a comfortable smartwatch experience with its ideal watch size and screen size designed for comfortable use, and is suitable for long-term use with a weight of only 32 grams. In addition to the adjustable strap, you can use it by replacing it with the watch strap you want with different color options. You can give Xiaomi Mi Watch a shot at a very classy and elegant look for both women and men.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Battery Features

Fast charging There is
Operation time 16 – 22 days
Battery Lithium
Battery power 420mAh

Thanks to the powerful battery, Xiaomi Mi Watch offers between 16 days and 22 days of use. This distinguishes the device from its competitors and also stands out for its charging time. Disabling the screen function during the day will significantly affect device usage time.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Personalization

Xiaomi Mi watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch, which has various control functions such as music player, alarm, calendar, weather and remote application notifications, also attracts attention with its personalization features. The smart watch Xiaomi Mi Watch offers a lot of possibilities for sports enthusiasts and offers useful performance with its workout editing functions. It also gives you the option to do your health and daily checks. The device offers high level performance with all its features and meets every need of the users.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Configuration

Xiaomi Mi watch

  • To activate the Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch, first open the Xiaomi Wear app on your phone and connect to your Xiaomi account.
  • Follow the steps by selecting the Add device option.
  • Wait until you see the same confirmation code on both your phone and your Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch and confirm when you see the code.
  • After you have received the confirmation, you can complete the pairing process by following the steps on the screen.

Xiaomi Mi Watch User Reviews

Xiaomi Mi watch

👤 *** ***: The watch is really high quality, you can feel it the first time you open the box. I like the product better than the photos used in the promotion. Xiaomi’s advertiser urgently needs to change because the watch in the photos for sale looks like a children’s watch. But never like that, the strap and body are great. The smoothness of the clock in the transitions is very satisfying and the clarity on the screen screams “I am amoled.” These are my first impressions, good luck to anyone who is going to buy it. The product arrived 1 day after shipping.

👤 *** ***: I’m an Apple user, but I bought it just to be stylish, and it’s really more stylish than the Apple Watch, the screen is bigger and the amoled screen is another beauty. If you don’t use the charge on your hair, it lasts at least 10 days, for example, I use auto-brightness with all notifications on, like this one. Screen always on mode will affect the charge, or if you open the screen a lot it will affect, you know, it won’t last 10 days. If you want to use it more economically, this watch will last 15 days. All notifications didn’t come, maybe I couldn’t set it up, but whatsapp isn’t coming now. Quality sense is very good. I would definitely recommend. There are many watch face models in the application and it will be updated. Reject the incoming call and mute.

👤 *** ***: The product arrived in 2 days. It just looks perfect and don’t be afraid it’s original. There is also a 2 year warranty. Arrived in good condition, well protected. Since I have not used it yet I cannot write anything about it yet, but in terms of appearance it is a complete men’s watch.

👤 *** ***: As a result of research, I was stuck between Watch gt2e and mi watch. I chose mi watch because I like the design more. After I received the watch, I definitely think I made the right decision. I was more than happy with the design, screen quality, features, and access and settings through the application. If you like a round design and are not looking for a voice calling feature, I would definitely recommend it, you won’t regret it.

👤 *** ***: Amoled screen says I’m here. The screen is very vibrant and you really notice you’re wearing a quality watch. As an iPhone user, I didn’t have too many problems.

👤 *** ***: I have been using it for 6 months now and I am very satisfied. I use it like a normal watch as it’s enough for me to see the notifications as a perk, so I haven’t used the other features much. But I haven’t encountered any problem so far. Material quality is nice. His arm position.

👤 *** ***: I bought a birthday present for my wife. There is no voice calling feature on the watch. The appearance is sufficient and beautiful. We thank you.

In this section, we have explored the frequently asked questions about the Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch.

Does Xiaomi Mi Watch have a talk function?

Although you can see all notifications and messages from your device with your Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch, the calling function is unfortunately not supported.

Is Mi Watch waterproof?

With Xiaomi Mi Watch you will have no problem in daily use with its 5 ATM waterproof function. However, it is recommended to remove the watch during activities such as showering and swimming.

Which phones is Mi Watch compatible with?

Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch offers smooth performance with Android 4.4 and IOS 10.0 above phones.

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