Yasomi S65 Review | Speed, range, load, tire and weight

Electric scooters have become an important part of sustainable transportation today. It is preferred as a practical mode of transport in the city and stands out as an environmentally friendly option. Yasomi S65, a model that makes a difference in this field, is an electric scooter option that offers users superior performance and safety.

Yasomi S65 shines with its remarkable design. When modern lines are combined with high-quality materials, an extremely attractive appearance is created from an aesthetic point of view. However, it lives up to expectations not only with its looks but also with the features it offers.

Yasomi S65 Features

Weight 12.5 kg
power 500W
Loading time 5 hours
Band 10 inches
Reach 65km
Maximum speed 35km/h
Weight it can bear 110kg

Yasomi S65 review

Yasomi S65 accelerates at maximum speed with its 500W motor power. With a speed of 35 km/h you can move practically in city traffic. At the same time, it has an impressive range of 65 km, which makes it possible to make long journeys.

The design of Yasomi S65 prioritizes the comfort and safety of users. The thick wheels provide superior handling, even on different surfaces, while the foldable structure offers ease of transport and storage. In addition, safety measures such as overload protection, short-circuit protection and high-current protection ensure that users can drive safely.

Here is all the information about Yasomi S65;

Yasomi S65 design

Yasomi S65 is an electric scooter model with a stylish and modern design. This scooter, which stands out for its remarkable details, offers an aesthetic appearance. While it is practical for users with its thick wheels and foldable structure, the digital screen is also stylishly integrated. Yasomi S65 offers users an elegant and contemporary experience and meets your design expectations.

Yasomi S65 Speed ​​and engine power

Yasomi S65 has a powerful 500 W motor and a top speed of 35 km/h. This engine power allows you to move forward quickly and smoothly. It has a suitable speed to make short distances in the city practical and allows you to travel in compliance with the legal speed limits. The powerful engine of the Yasomi S65 is designed for a dynamic driving experience.

Yasomi S65 range

The Yasomi S65 has an impressive range of 65 km. This makes it an ideal option for long journeys. The range of the scooter is achieved thanks to the battery capacity and efficient energy management. This way you can easily cover the distances necessary to meet your daily transport needs. Yasomi S65 gives you a long-lasting and reliable driving experience.

Yasomi S65 strap

The Yasomi S65’s 10-inch wheels are fat tires that improve handling and driving stability. With these tires you can travel comfortably and safely, even on different surfaces. It provides the user with a comfortable ride with its shock absorbing properties. In addition, the strength and durability of the tires are designed for long-term use. The tires of the Yasomi S65 meet the expectations of the users in terms of reliability and performance.

Yasomi S65 Weight and carrying capacity

Yasomi S65 has a solid and durable construction and a large load capacity. The carrying capacity of the scooter is ideal for users to carry their daily needs with ease. In addition, the weight of the scooter has been optimized so that it can be easily carried by users. Both in terms of carrying capacity and ease of transport, the Yasomi S65 is a user-friendly option.

Yasomi S65 braking system

Yasomi S65

Yasomi S65 offers front and rear brake options. The front braking system is a drum type and the rear braking system is a fender type. This combination of braking systems provides effective braking and assists in a safe stop. The front brake’s mechanical technology provides precise braking control, while the fender-type rear brake is an important safety feature. Yasomi S65 provides a powerful braking system for users’ safety.

Yasomi S65 battery and charging time

The battery of the Yasomi S65 has functions such as overload protection and undervoltage protection. These features optimize battery performance and ensure long-lasting use. The charging time of the battery ensures that it can be fully charged in approximately the specified time. This way you can quickly get the scooter ready for use and enjoy the ride for a long time. Yasomi S65 stands out for its practical battery functions and user-friendly charging time.

Yasomi S65 What’s in the box

When purchasing the Yasomi S65 scooter, there are a number of items in the box. The contents of the box usually include the scooter itself, charger, owner’s manual and necessary mounting accessories. These accessories make the scooter easy to set up and allow users to get started quickly. The contents of the Yasomi S65’s box provide users with everything they need and provide a hands-on experience.

Buy Yasomi S65?

Yasomi S65

Yasomi S65 is a reliable electric scooter option designed for adult users. It stands out for its high speed, long range, powerful motor, solid structure and safety measures. In addition, its user-friendly features and ease of portability are also reasons for its preference. Yasomi S65 is a suitable option for users to meet their daily transportation needs and have a pleasant driving experience. By choosing this scooter, you get a product that combines functionality and durability.

Yasomi S65 Reviews of electric scooters

Yasomi S65

👤 *** ***: Not going to say negative but the only thing I would say would be better if it was, I wish it had disc brakes. Furthermore, it is an excellent product. I called it crazy fireworks. A machine that lives up to its name. It is a very satisfying product. It can accelerate up to 35 km, a long range, can perform all activations (speed stabilization, walking mode, wheel lock, etc.) through the application.

👤 *** ***: First of all, I really like the product. The quality is very good. The speed level is very good. There are 3 speed modes. I have used and evaluated 6 7 times since it arrived. The tires are not flat.

👤 *** ***: Arrived quickly The product is very stylish Definitely a value for money product it has some handicaps the rear fender wobbles probably cracked wheels inflatable probably cracked shock absorber I bought two, one is better than the other.

👤 *** ***: Awesome! Perfect! I did not expect such a high-quality and powerful scooter. It remained as a toy next to my own scooter. Speed, battery status, info. Phone connection, control status, driving pleasure that does not feel the bumps on the roads. I don’t think there is another tool like this. I heartily recommend it. Technical service is also great

👤 *** ***: I went back and forth for 3 days between buying the product, it is not a very cheap product, but in the end I bought it, the attitude is very good, the battery durability is very good, most of my day spent on the road, so it was very comfortable, speed and nice speed settings, there is already optional can be selected not too heavy easy to carry

👤 *** ***: The front shock absorber does its job very well. The air in the tires makes the rough roads feel less and the comfort is good. I didn’t think I’d like it this much. When I bought it I chose this product saying it should be a bit stronger and better. Real price performance product, buy it at this price, don’t miss it.

👤 *** ***: Good shipping. I think the only flaw with the product is that the brake is on the front and there is no disc. I don’t see it as a problem. Once you get used to the setting, it shouldn’t be a problem. While other products for the same price cover 25 km, it is nice to do 35 km. I think it’s slow. I give 5 stars when I calculate F/P. I don’t regret buying it because I thought it was a product whose price should be above these places.

👤 *** ***: I received it in three days, the seller shipped it on the same day, the installation is very simple, anyone can do it easily, the wheels are solid, I used it for 4 days this week , I generally went with a constant speed on d, I recommend it to those who do not have much experience, because it is a bit fast to go s

👤 *** ***: The price was right, but it doesn’t connect wirelessly, the handlebar swings out of the folding hinge, the tubeless tire doesn’t burst, but when you enter the hard pit, the cheeks open. descends on the edge and accelerates 35 km. With 85 kilos the ramps come out in series. Brake legend.

👤 *** ***: The seller packed and shipped the product very protected, thank you to those who are concerned, when I had a question or something, they responded immediately, I thank them here. The product showed its quality as soon as I took it out of the box, it was very solid, I already made my first ride, the speed is very good, it met my expectations very well.

👤 *** ***: An excellent product, especially for those who live in Istanbul… I got rid of the traffic problem and no longer have problems going up and down the slopes. It is a very successful product.

What is the maximum speed of Yasomi S65?

The maximum speed of the Yasomi S65 is 35 km/h. With this speed you can move smoothly and smoothly in city traffic.

What is the range of the Yasomi S65?

The Yasomi S65 has an impressive range and can cover about 65 km. This is a long distance where you can comfortably meet your daily transportation needs.

What is the engine power of the Yasomi S65?

Yasomi S65 has a powerful 500W motor. This powerful motor provides a fast and dynamic driving experience.

How is Yasomi S65’s braking system?

Yasomi S65 is equipped with front drum brake and rear fender brake. This combination of braking systems provides effective braking performance and assists in a safe stop.

Is the Yasomi S65 foldable?

Yes, the Yasomi S65 has a foldable structure. This feature makes the scooter more convenient to carry or store.

What is the battery life and charging time of the Yasomi S65?

The battery of the Yasomi S65 lasts a long time and is equipped with overcharge protection. The charging time, on the other hand, can be fully charged in about the specified time.

What’s in the box of Yasomi S65?

When you buy the Yasomi S65 scooter, the box contains the scooter itself, the charger, the user manual and the necessary mounting accessories.

For which users is Yasomi S65 suitable?

Yasomi S65 is an electric scooter model designed for adult users. It is suitable for anyone who wants to meet their daily transportation needs and have a pleasant driving experience.

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