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It was emphasized that excessive consumption of herbal teas used to protect against winter illnesses such as colds, colds and flu and to strengthen the immune system can lead to effects such as fatigue of the liver and kidneys. It has been argued that excessive drinking of these teas, which are beneficial to the body when consumed in sufficient quantities, can have adverse effects on organs such as the liver and kidneys. It has been reported that linden, sage, fennel, green tea, rosemary, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon are most preferred, while the cold weather that begins with the effect of winter increases the demand for herbal teas. Director of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Advanced Research and Application Center (GETAMER) Prof. dr. Dr. Abdurrahim Koçyiğit said it is important to strengthen the immune system in viral infections. Koçyiğit said, “The active ingredients in herbal teas increase the number and activity of infection-killing cells in the body. When the disease invades the body from the outside, these cells are the first line of defense against it. Therefore, they can defeat microbes.” Koçyiğit said that the way of brewing herbal tea is also very important, and said it would be a more correct practice to boil in herbs such as mint, thyme, rosemary and echinacea, which are not harsh and are used for flu infections. water for 5 minutes.

“It is the dose that separates the toxic from the non-toxic”

Prof. Dr. Koçyiğit recalled that the Swiss physician and chemist Paracelsus said: “Everything is poison, it is the dose that separates what is poison and what is not”, and suggested to pay attention to the dose. Koçyiğit noted that the optimal dose is different for each herb and said, “It is recommended to drink up to two or three glasses of herbal tea daily. Drinking too much can tire the liver and kidneys. Prof. Dr. Koçyiğit stated that aflatoxin material was formed during the drying of the plants. Pointing out that aflatoxin accumulates in plants that are dried on top of each other for a long time in a humid environment without getting the right amount of sun and adequate ventilation, Prof. Dr. Koçyiğit stated: “This substance is directly carcinogenic. If you use that dried plant, you naturally take it with the plant. Herbs such as mint, rosemary, thyme, nettle, olive tree leaves that you can find fresh at home, you can in any case dry by placing them on a clean cloth in a sunny place.” can cause harm rather than benefit.

“WITH LIVER DISEASE, it is usually too late”

Dulundu noted that prevention is the most important treatment and that citizens have a duty to be conscious consumers: “Patients with liver disease are usually late. Because the findings are not easy to understand from the outside until the destruction reaches very serious levels. If When we list these findings, patients may experience problems such as weakness, swelling in the abdomen, fluid retention, development of jaundice, inability to easily stop bleeding in the body, development of bruising in the body with minor trauma, sometimes confusion and gastrointestinal bleeding and esophageal bleeding, which is why we recommend periodic checkups.”

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