‘You have to get vitamin D from food, not from the sun’

Karaduman recalled that vitamin D has an important function for the body and vitamin D deficiency causes various diseases, saying, “Normally there is only one thing for which a scientific, evidence-based cause and effect relationship of vitamin D has been established, and that is the prevention of fracture risk.However, studies and observational studies have shown that in people who are deficient, vitamin D is especially prevalent in colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, immune system suppression, upper respiratory infections, and we have a had such a pandemic as corona in the last two years the coronavirus was more common in people who are deficient in vitamin d In addition diabetes, dementia when we look at this we see that vitamin d acts on other organs rather than a single bone protector and that further studies are needed. So maybe after 5 years or 2-3 years, these studies should give everyone here vitamin D. Because we can also make an assertive sentence like ‘protects against cancer’. But still, there shouldn’t be a thought like “I’ll always take this.” It has dosages. When it reaches the doses we call toxic doses, it can have an adverse effect, increasing the risk of fractures and deterioration in health,” he said.

Internal medicine specialist İbrahim Karaduman stated that the reason why vitamin D differs from other vitamins is that it can be taken directly from the body, saying “Actually, vitamin D is a hormone. It is a steroid hormone and it is produced in our body” . But as a first definition, the name remained a vitamin because it was defined as a vitamin. But it is normally produced by our body. It’s a hormone. The reason why vitamin D differs from other vitamins is this. 10-20 percent of vitamin D is absorbed with food, while 80-90 percent of it is synthesized by our skin from the sun’s rays. But for this synthesis, the sun’s rays must come at a certain angle. For our country, this angle is possible between May and November, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. But there is also a handicap. No doctor recommends going out in the sun and being in direct contact with the sun during these months as it increases the risk of skin cancer. While taking vitamin D We do not recommend it because it makes no sense to take the risk of skin cancer. In such patients, we recommend getting more vitamin D through the diet. Although it has been taken out of the sun, we don’t highly recommend it,” he said.


Karaduman provided information on the daily dose of vitamin D and said, “The World Health Organization and all other associations concerned with this issue have a suggestion. We should take 600-800 units of vitamin D per day to protect bone health. Well we can’t get vitamin D from the sun Eggs contain 20 units of vitamin D. Then I have to eat 30 eggs to get 600 units a day. Or foods that contain vitamin D in 300 grams of salmon. Salmon has 300 units of vitamin D. Then I have to eat 600 grams of salmon a day. This is not quite possible. Frankly. In this case, we have to supplement this with tablet forms. We have to supplement vitamin D externally, in tablet form or in drop form, enough to provide each individual with at least Giving 600-800 units of vitamin D without screening for vitamin D. Regardless if my vitamin D is low or not “There’s no harm in even taking it and using it. First of all, we have to fill the stores in the body, and then we have to treat them by holding them tight to prevent them from falling,” he said.

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